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Boat jet ski wave boat motorboat engine outboard


Why not maximize your Jet Ski purchase and get the best of both worlds? The Sealver Wave Boat range transforms your regular jet ski into a power boat in seconds. Setup takes less than a minute and once you’re out in open water, simply detach the PWC. Those on board the Sealver Wave Boat can sit back, relax and cheer each other on while Flyboarding around the Wave Boat. It’s fun, easy and by far the most cost-effective way to own your very own power boat.

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Three-person Jet Ski Watercraft Wave Boat Jet Ski Motorboat
Products Description
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Motorboats, also known as powerboats, are sports activities in which motor boats powered by gasoline engines, diesel engines or turbojets are driven on water. The technical keys to maneuvering motorboats are starting, accelerating, circling, overtaking and sprinting. Wait.

Motorboats originated at the end of the 19th century, produced and grown in developed capitalist countries in Europe and America, and are the product of the second industrial revolution. Motorboats can be divided into racing boats (boats), sports boats (boats), yachts (boats), motor boats, jet skis, air-cushion (boats) boats, jet (boats) boats, electric (boats) boats, etc.
Product Application
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1. Most of the motor boats we see in our lives are “sports version” water boats. In fact, motor boats are very grand competitions like F1 racing cars, but the former is a water event.

2. The design of motorboats does not only exist in competitions. In real life, motorboats are easy to use and can be taken on. Enjoying the feeling of the sea breeze blowing slowly on your face can provide some income for the scenic spot.
3. Some maritime police and port affairs will also use motorboats to inspect or perform rescue missions. This thing is relatively small and flexible, and can shuttle in complex sea areas, such as between large ships in ports. It can reach 120-170 kilometers per hour, which is faster than the car on the highway. In the case of putting aside the
fuel consumption, the rescue mission can arrive at the fastest speed.
Engine Type
Supercharged 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, super eddy current high power marine engine
Cyliner diameter × stroke
Compression ratio
Fuel capacity
Total oil volume
Total storage capacity
1~3 people
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