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KAWASAKI : Kawasaki is synonymous with power and agility even in the waves, where acceleration enthusiasts can test themselves with the fastest watercraft on the sea. Engines born to provide great performance for the best riders; ultra-lightweight hulls to dominate the deepest waters; equipment with attention to detail to ensure superlative experiences. All this describes Kawasaki’s popular Jet Skis, which with their Ultra, STX and SX-R lines are undisputed stars of modern boating. Jump into the saddle of your dreams… Kawasaki Watercraft

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Experience the thrill of one of the world’s most powerful supercharged watercraft. The all-new 2023Jet Ski Kawasaiki Ultra 310 LX-S series . Functionality, comfort and premium features will accompany you in your fun. New 2023: Led Lights, Rear Camera. The seat on the 310LX-S is a new experience, because the saddle seat is 3 inches narrower (at the knees) and is sculpted with a new polyurethane foam formula to provide better support and comfort, and has the two-piece folding track (rear seats) debuted on the 2020 STX model. Ultra 310LX-S offers a fully integrated Ultra Deck, which is an extended rear deck that adds another 7.9 inches to the swim deck. An inclined folding swim step is neatly tucked under the Ultra Deck, which also includes two multiple mounting rods to receive a brand new catalog of accessories. See the video from The Watercraft Journal . The Ultra 310 LX-S Watercraft is equipped with a 1,498 cc DOHC inline four-cylinder engine that delivers a true 310 horsepower from its Eaton Twin Scroll Series (TVS) supercharger, which produces an astonishing 16.7 psi at top speed. Revised in 2017, there is a V-shaped groove on the second ring of the Ultra piston to increase oil retention.


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